Do I have to pay a monthly subscription to watch a movie?
PlatinumVod is a "No Commitment" and "A la carte" Vod platform. No subscription.
Download the Platinum Vod app from "Google Play" or "Apps Store".
Fill out the registration form on Platinumvod website. You will receive a confirmation email and click on the link to validate your registration.
Choose your movie / series. Watch the movie trailer
Pay the rental of your film / series (€ 1) + CB fees. When you rent a series, you will be able to see all the episodes of the series.

Download series and movies on PlatinumVod
You can download a selection of series and movies from the Platinum Vod app to watch them offline later.
Downloaded files are stored on your mobile device and can be viewed within 3 days, after which they expire.

How to download a movie ?
Buy the film / series on the website.
Connect to the PlatinumVod app (Android or IOS)
Select the movie / series you want to download.
On the video description / title page, tap the Download icon.
For series, the icon will appear next to each available episode.
Once the title has downloaded, you can access it from the “My downloads” section of the application..

How to watch a downloaded title?
A download can only be watched on the device where you downloaded the title.
Access "My downloads" via the menu of the PlatinomVod application.
Tap the Play icon on the track you want to watch.

How do I turn subtitles, captions, or alternate audio on or off?
PlatinumVod allows you to turn subtitles and captions on or off for many TV shows and short movies.
Play a video and look for a subtitle icon on a PC browser or a setting icon on apps..

What are the accepted payment methods?
Payment by credit card (Europe, Asia and North America)
Payment by mobile money in Africa (from February 2022)

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